The craft gift factory tells you what are the common craft features of custom medals?

There are a variety of production methods for medal customization. The following craft gift factory will introduce you to several common craft features:
1. Transfer printing medal: the graphics and text are prefabricated on the transfer printing paper, which is convenient for on-site operation of the workpiece. The transferred graphics are very clear, but correspondingly speaking, the production cost is also relatively high;
2. Screen printing medals: including metal silk screen printing medals, plastic silk screen printing medals, acrylic silk screen printing medals, etc. Silk screen medals have a wide range of adaptability and are mostly used on plastic panels, such as speaker panels, chassis panels and other mechanical panels. It has the characteristics of low cost and wide application;
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3. Pad printing medals: use silicone head to absorb graphic ink on the gravure and transfer it to the workpiece, which is more suitable for surfaces with concave and convex changes, such as curved surfaces;
4. Offset printing medals: the printing method is round and flat, and the graphics and texts are transferred from rubber rollers to flat workpieces. The graphics and texts are fine, and are often used for watch cards, etc.;
5. Electroplating medals: materials can be metal and plastic. After etching the graphic, ionic metals are deposited, usually chromium, nickel, gold. The surface of the electroplating medal is very bright, looks very noble, and has strong corrosion resistance;
6. Electrophoresis medals: Under a DC electric field, the polar paint is deposited on the surface of the bare metal, often used in conjunction with the etching process;
7. High-gloss medal: Usually on the raised surface of aluminum pressing, it is turned with a diamond knife to produce a high-gloss effect. It is a relatively economical nameplate production;

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