A deep culture of little metal badges?

As a kind of collectible, badges have a history of no less than 800 years. Badges originated in the European upper class, and collections of course also originated in the upper aristocratic class. The earliest badge collection organization is the British Royal Badge Institute with a long history. It was established in 1484. It originally […]

About the use and craft introduction of the badge?

As a high-end form of expression of identity, occupation, honor, art, etc., badges are used more and more widely, and there are many types. Various processes can be integrated into the production and printing of badges. According to the functional form, the early badges mainly include: Badges , collar badges, cap badges, epaulettes, armbands, armbands, […]

The craft gift factory tells you what are the common craft features of custom medals?

There are a variety of production methods for medal customization. The following craft gift factory will introduce you to several common craft features:1. Transfer printing medal: the graphics and text are prefabricated on the transfer printing paper, which is convenient for on-site operation of the workpiece. The transferred graphics are very clear, but correspondingly speaking, […]